How To Use: ZAO Makeup Light Touch Illuminating Complexion

November 18, 2015


For the past year or two, the beauty industry has been completely and utterly obsessed with the Kim Kardashian contouring and highlighting technique. The photo on the right is the culprit that started this craze. kim-kardashion-contouringAfter posting this photo on social media, everyone then decided this is how you should be doing your makeup because this is how Kim (or more accurately, her makeup artist Scott Barnes) does it, and until now we have been doing it all wrong. The truth is...this same technique is used by the drag community to completely change the shape of their face from masculine features, to feminine. The idea is to lighten the highest points of the face (cheekbones, centre of the nose) to bring them forward, and darken the most sunken areas of the face (hollows of the cheeks, sides of the nose) to recede them.

This creates more structure to the face and can be used to manipulate the facial features to downplay a larger nose, or create the illusion of high, strong cheekbones. A LOT of makeup is used in this process. It is amazing the transformation that can be made, it is possible to completely change the appearance of ones face through the use of a bit of coloured liquid... 


However...this technique is not suitable for everyday situations where you will likely be up close and personal with many people. The makeup will be too obvious, and without being very skilled in the art of contouring, it is likely everyone you encounter that day WILL see that brown stripe across your cheek, and luminous white glow under your eyes. Sorry girls, but this is just not the way to go if you want to give your face more structure and definition. It works for film, it works for TV, it works for red carpet and editorial photography, but it just does NOT work for everyday life.

But the good news?

The good news is that there are ways to highlight those cheekbones and lift those brows the natural way. This is what we are good at here at Glow Organic after all, we want to provide you with natural and organic alternatives to the latest trends.

ZAO-Makeup-Light-touch-illuminating-complexionZAO Organic Makeup have the perfect product to make all your highlighting dreams come true. It is called Light Touch Illuminating Complexion and is the perfect product to add as a finishing touch to your makeup. It contains no shimmer and comes in three different colours 721 Pink for light skin tones with a pink undertone, 722 Sand for light skin with yellow undertone, and 723 Peach for medium skin with warm, olive skin tones. It should be used after all makeup has been applied, including concealer, to highlight any areas you want to stand out.


To apply this product, simply swipe it on the tops of the cheekbones, under the brow bone, on the cupids bow, down the centre of the nose and in between the brows. Gently pat with your fingers to blend away the edges, then add a second layer if you desire more of a highlight. The effect (as show in the photo above) is a natural and subtle way of creating more of an illusion of cheekbones, lifting the brow area and making lips appear fuller. It brightens the face without adding any shimmer, and the best part? No one will even know you are wearing a thing!

It's the perfect companion to your natural, no makeup, makeup look.



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