A Summer Bronze Makeup Look with Nude & Noir Cosmetics

July 17, 2017


It's not often I come across a product that I completely and utterly love. I'm usually quite hard to please. With the amount of beauty products I have tried throughout my 8+ years of working professionally in the beauty industry, (not to mention my 7 or so years prior to that of being a beauty junkie!) there are probably only a handle of products that have stolen my heart. The Nude & Noir Cosmetics multi-use cream palette in 'Bijou' has recently become a firm staple in my own personal makeup bag, and I've also added it to my professional kit for creating that perfect fresh, glowing Summer makeup look.


You probably haven't heard of Nude & Noir Cosmetics before, we are the only retailer in Europe so far, but I can assure you, you can expect big things from this new LA based brand! They currently have 4 products available, they are these stunning multi-use cream palettes that can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks. They are basically a 'does-it-all' palette. You literally only need one of these palettes, and some mascara, and you can create a full face of makeup in less than 5 minutes. If you are anything like me, you want to look fresh, natural and glowing in as little time as possible...with as little faff as possible! And these palettes will do just that.

Nude & Noir are very conscious of every ingredient that goes into their palettes. They use plant based oils, waxes, butters and extracts as well as natural colouring agents to provide their nourishing, creamy formula. With ingredients such as candelilla wax, coconut oil, lotus flower extract and aloe vera extract, you can be sure your skin receives only the best natural goodness from this product. They include no animal derived ingredients, making them 100% vegan, and of course, as with all our products (it goes without saying really!) they are also cruelty free.


I recently filmed this video with my lovely friend Sophie who kindly let me use her face to show how the palette 'Bijou' works. This Summer makeup look is perfect for evening cocktails, a summer wedding, or a natural, fresh daytime look. The bronze shade 'Obsidian' will perfectly compliment blue eyes, but will also look great on brown or green. The colour 'Jasper' is the most stunning soft coral shade to wear on cheeks and lips and leaves a natural looking glow to the skin. 'Amber' is a warm, golden shade that looks amazing with a tan, whilst 'Diamond' will highlight your eyes, cheekbones and cupids bow and leaves a pretty shimmer.

Watch the video tutorial for the palette 'Bijou' below. I also recently created a video using the palette 'Provocative' which you can watch here.


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