Introducing...Lady Green - Organic Skincare for Young Women

January 05, 2017


With so many new organic and natural beauty brands emerging onto the scene every day, it's getting increasingly more difficult for brands to stand out from the crowd. Consumers are looking for products that are different to what they have already. They want products that will compliment their current collection of beauty products, and not include the same, generic ingredients that are used in every other green beauty product. 

When an email from Lady Green happened to appear in my inbox one morning, I was intrigued by their philosophy, their choice of ingredients and in particular their choice of target market. 

Lady Green are the first certified organic cosmetics brand on the European market to specialise in products for young women aged between 12 and 25. Over the age of 25, the condition of our skin starts to change. It might feel slightly less plump as we start to produce less collagen, fine lines might start to form and it might feel drier than it used to in your teenage years. The products that Lady Green have developed are targeted at young women who are dealing with hormonal changes due to puberty. Of course, it goes without saying that women over the age of 25 can still enjoy using these products, but they would be more suited to those with oilier skin.

They have chosen ingredients that are gentle yet effective enough to take care of skin that might be particularly prone to blemishes. The natural active ingredients help to soothe, purify and clear the skin to reveal a fresh, glowing complexion, without any nasty synthetic chemicals or preservatives. 

Lady Green have been certified organic by Ecocert as well as certified cruelty-free by PETA. All of the products are vegan with the exception of the lipglosses which contain Beeswax.

So let's take a look at some of the products!



Lady Green - Anti-Blemish Gel Pen - £11.50

Most teenagers will have to deal with pesky blemishes at some point. This clever product will help to rapidly reduce the size and redness of the blemish overnight. Key active ingredients include Zinc, which is very effective at healing the skin, as well as providing antibacterial properties. Aloe Vera is also used for its strong healing and soothing properties.

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Lady Green - Cleansing Foam - £13.50

This extremely gentle cleanser will not strip the skin of natural oils unlike many of the harsh cleaners on the market for young women. The soft foaming texture will leave the skin feeling refreshed, cleansed and refined. Aloe Vera and Moringa Seed Extract both help to calm irritated skin and prevent blemishes from forming.

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Lady Green - Micellar Cleansing Water - £13.50

Effectively removes all traces of makeup for a quick cleanse (perfect for lazy teenagers!). Very gentle on the eyes with no stinging, also helps tone the skin and tighten pores with the Witch Hazel. Perfect for sensitive skin as Neem extract will help to reduce redness and soothe irritation.

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Lady Green - Floral Face Mist - £15

A multi-tasking product to help refresh the skin, tighten pores and help makeup last longer. Spritz over the face after cleansing, leave to dry and apply moisturiser. Apricot and peach fruit water will tone and soften the skin to leave it looking and feeling fresh and radiant.

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Lady Green - Gentle Facial Scrub - £13.50

A build up of dead skin cells can leave the skin looking dull and result in pores getting clogged and blemishes forming. Using this scrub 3 times a week will keep the pores clear and prevent those pesky blemishes. Jojoba beads are used in this scrub as they have a smooth outer shell and are gentle on the skin. Kiwi extract is also used to brighten the skin. 

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Lady Green - Purifying Radiance Mask - £18.50

I absolutely adore this mask! It gives an instant boost of radiance to the skin and is rich in antioxidants to protect it against signs of ageing. Use this mask regularly to slow down the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The strawberry scent from Strawberry fruit extract and creamy texture from Shea Butter make this mask an absolute pleasure to use.

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Lady Green - Konjac Face Sponge - £7.50

Made from 100% natural vegetable fibres, environmentally friendly and extremely gentle on the skin, konjac sponges are a must have! Choose the correct sponge depending on your skin type and use alone or with the foaming cleanser for smooth, soft, exfoliated skin.

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Lady Green - Enhancing Mascara - £15.50

This jet black mascara is perfect for sensitive eyes and lashes that need nourishment. Add a few coats for extra drama and intensity, and remove easily with micellar water. Marula oil and Sunflower oil moisturises and nourishes lashes to help them grow longer and thicker.

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Lady Green - Lip Gloss - £9

Available in 2 colours, this formula locks in moisture and helps to heal dry, chapped lips. Cocoa butter forms a protective barrier over the lips to protect against the weather, whilst Jojoba oil moisturises and softens lips.

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