ECOCARE™ - Organic Facial Wipes

  • These certified organic cotton face wipes contain a unique formula that is powerful enough to break down oil and makeup on the skin, yet gentle enough to leave skin feeling refreshed and nourished. Even suitable for removing waterproof makeup.

    These wipes are hypoallergenic, alcohol free, safe for the skin and environmentally friendly. The ingredients and cotton used for these wipes are certified organic. Each pack contains 24 wipes.

    Apple and Honey - Recommended for combination skin. Four organic apples are squeezed into each pack to naturally cleanse the skin and leave it feeling fresh. Organic honey is used to add hydration and natural antioxidants, as well as organic aloe vera and green tea to soothe the skin.

    Rose and Chamomile - Recommended for dry or sensitive skin. Three variations of organic rose oil are used in this formula including Rose Damascena which is essential for toning and balancing the skin. Organic chamomile is also used to soothe sensitive and tired skin.

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