Ere Perez - Quinoa Water Foundation

  • Vegan friendly, suitable for all skin types.

    This lightweight, water based foundation provides a 'barely there' finish, whilst covering redness and pigmentation. The light to medium coverage feels and looks natural on the skin, and is perfect for those days when you want a little something to perk up your skin. Provides a matte finish and melts into the skin for a fresh, seamless finish.

    Key Ingredients:

    Quinoa Seed Extract - Helps to calm inflammation and increase elasticity.

    Blackcurrant Fruit Extract - Provides antioxidants and essential vitamins for healthy skin.

    Please note: The ingredients used in Ere Perez products are natural, but not organic.

    Contact us for samples.

    30ml. Packaged in a frosted glass bottle with glass dropper and recyclable cardboard box.

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