Living Libations - EnsorCell Serum

Living Libations

  • Radically renewing skin serum infused with biologically-active organic sulfur.

    A spot on solution for stubborn skin imbalances including loss of elasticity, puffiness, redness, age spots and uneven skin tone. This liquid serum brings dry, dull skin back to life by seeping deep into the skin to deliver restorative, concentrated extracts from MSM infused essential oils.

    Ensorcell Serum is ideal for skin that has been overexposed to environmental elements, helping to bring it back to life with added glow from plant power! This formula contains cinnamon that may cause tingling or a warm sensation, this is normal but those with sensitive skin may wish to mix a little Ensorcell Serum with a drop of jojoba or coconut oil.

    Key Ingredients:

    Black Cumin Seed Oil - Softens the appearance of redness and rough skin.

    Broccoli Seed Oil - Locks in moisture, infuses the skin with soothing fatty acids.

    MSM - A biologically-active organic compound that is a source of sulfur. Naturally occuring in nature, this essential nutrient is vital for glowing skin.


Type: Serum

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