Kjaer Weis - The Cleanser

  • Deeply purifying, certified organic cleanser, great for sensitive skin.

    The Cleanser from Kjaer Weis is your first step to creating and maintaining flawless skin, and prepping the skin for makeup. This deeply purifying cleanser removes face and eye makeup as well as balancing, soothing, softening and calming the skin.

    The Cleanser uses highly pure, cold pressed oils to remove makeup and impurities, whilst infusing the skin with vitamins and fatty acids for a youthful, smooth, primed surface.

    Key Ingredients:

    Sweet Almond Oil - Cold pressed from organic Italian almonds. Soothing and emollient and melts away makeup.

    Oak Root - Gently cleanses the skin without stripping, drying or irritation.

    Chamomile Extract - Italian chamomile infused in organic, extra virgin oil to calm and soothe the skin.

    100ml. Packaged in a refillable glass bottle with metal lid.

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