ZAO Makeup - Eyeshadow Palette 'Clin d'oeil' No.1

ZAO Makeup

  • 100% Natural. Vegan. Refillable and Plastic-Free.

    A stunning refillable, plastic-free palette with 10 beautiful shades of a mix of matte and pearly shades. The intense pigment and silky texture enables a variety of looks to be achieved with this palette. The eyeshadow powders contain organic castor oil, as well as silica to help regenerate the skin due to the collagen promoting properties.

    The palette itself is made from sustainable and durable bamboo to withstand handbag knocks and travelling. Refills are available here.

    The perfect gift for an organic makeup enthusiast and eco beauty lover!

    10x 1.3g, refillable. Packaged in bamboo casing.

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