ZAO Makeup - Lip Ink

ZAO Makeup

  • Vegan. 100% natural. Refillable, organic liquid lipstick.

    Liquid matte lipsticks with an opaque finish and bold colour. These long lasting liquid lipsticks are perfect for big occasions and long days when you need to rely on a durable and high performing product. With organic castor oil and carnauba wax, these lip inks keep lips hydrated and protect the skin.

    Key Ingredients:

    Organic Castor Oil - This moisturising oil helps promote plump, soft, hydrated skin.

    Organic Carnauba Oil - Secreted by the leaves of a Brazilian palm tree, this wax protects the skin by producing a continuous film that increases the durability of makeup.

    3.8ml. Refillable and packaged in bamboo with cotton pouch.

Type: Lip Ink