Organic Makeup Lessons

Transform your confidence. Be inspired by natural beauty. Learn how to enhance your features in a natural way.


Learning the art of applying your own makeup can have the incredible ability to transform your confidence and self esteem. Many women have never worn makeup due to not being confident of their knowledge on how to apply it. With so many products, brands and techniques out there, it can be a minefield sifting through all the information online and figuring out what is actually going to work for you. Different brands will give conflicting information, and it can get very confusing for consumers to understand the best techniques and products to use.


This is where we step in...

We offer bespoke, one-to one makeup lessons using all the organic beauty products sold here at Glow Organic. We can help you to gain confidence in your makeup application by showing you simple techniques that will bring out your best features. All lessons will be held by our founder Mel Jenkinson, a professional makeup artist specialising in organic, green beauty products.

Topics we can cover...

  • Why using natural and organic beauty products is important.
  • The best alternatives to your current products.
  • Makeup application techniques including where to apply bronzer, blush, highlighter and contouring.
  • Suitable colours that would be the most flattering on your skin tone.
  • The best brushes to use.
  • Tips on how to help your makeup last longer.
  • Tricks on covering blemishes and achieving radiant, glowing skin.
  • Placement of eyeshadow to achieve a smokey eye, or a natural daytime look.

After each lesson, you will receive...

  • A personalised beauty face chart with notes on everything covered in the lesson to refer back to.
  • A 20% discount on any products purchased on the day.

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