Awake Organics - Plastic Free Shampoo

Awake Organics

  • Plastic-free, natural, vegan shampoo.

    A revolutionary water-activated, powder shampoo! Get up to 35 washes with this natural, plastic-free shampoo, that's more shampoo than a conventional 250ml bottle. It's also water-free, so it's better for the environment, lightweight to travel with and convenient.

    This shampoo is for you if you want added volume, have an itchy scalp, are looking for an environmentally friendly shampoo, and don't want harsh chemicals and sulfates.

    The natural caffeine from Guarana seed helps to stimulate your scalp, promoting hair growth and strength. Acacia tree gum enhances volume and shine, whilst coconut milk protein strengthens and softens the hair.

    This shampoo is suitable for all hair types but particularly effective for dry, thinning, colour treated hair.

    55g, packaged in an aluminium bottle.


Type: Shampoo

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