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Corinne Taylor

Corinne Taylor - Balance Himalayan Salt Individual Bath Sachet

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Made using Himalayan pink salt - the purest form of salt hidden away from environmental pollutants and extracted by hand. This unique salt rejuvenates and stimulates the body and provides us with essential minerals that are absorbed through the skin.

Infused with coconut oil to leave the skin feeling soft and supple. Balance bath salts are enriched with a blend of pure essential oils to create balance and harmony in the mind, body and soul.

How to use: Pour entire contents of sachet into warm running water and enjoy a long soak.

Key Ingredients: 

  • Organic Rose Geranium - Helps to improve hormone imbalances, relieve PMT and menstrual problems.
  • Clary Sage - Helps to calm the nervous system and alleviate stress and tension.

*100% natural, vegan-friendly, contains no SLS, parabens or synthetic fragrance*

Ingredients: Pure fine Himalayan pink crystal salt; Pure Coconut Oil; Rose Geranium essential oil; Clary Sage essential oil*; Cypress essential oil*.*Soil Association Certified Organic ingredient.

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