Eco by Sonya - Personal Outdoor Spray

Eco by Sonya

  • Certified organic, natural, vegan ingredients.

    A sweet smelling, uplifting spray for refreshing the body on a hot day, after the gym, in the car or at home. Can also be used as a room or fabric spray to mask unpleasant smells from sports bags, running shoes, and homes. Perfect for travelling to refresh and hydrate your skin whilst flying or travelling long distances. Use whilst on holiday as a DEET free insect repellant.

    Key Ingredients:

    Citronella - A crisp, lemon scented essential oil with antibacterial, antiseptic, odour eliminating properties. Also helps to repel insects.

    Basil - A fresh smelling essential oil to fight bacteria, eliminate odour and enhance the mood with its aromatherapy properties.


Type: Body Spray