Evolve Beauty - Sunless Glow Body Lotion 250ml

Evolve Beauty

  • Natural, organic, vegan, gradual tanning lotion.

    Prepare your skin for Summer and get a head start on your tan with this rich, gradual tanning body lotion. Builds a golden glow with repeat applications.

    Skin Types: For all skin types.

    Key Ingredients:

    Organic Papaya - An excellent source of Vitamin A and Papain. Also helps to remove dead skin cells and act as a natural exfoliator.

    Erythrulose - Berry based red and sour tart sugar, reacts to the keratin in the skin leading to a subtle darkening of the skin.

    Shea Butter - A rich, moisturising ingredient to help soothe rough, dry skin.

    250ml. Packaged a recyclable plastic bottle with pump. Bottles made from 75-100% recycled PET plastic from post consumer plastic waste.