Evolve Beauty - Superfood 360 Serum 30ml

  • A supercharged serum based on Evolve Beauty's Age Smarter 360 concept. Ageing Smarter is all about taking care of your skin at every stage of life, working with the skin and body to support it in the natural ageing process. A 360 view of ageing tackles not only fine lines and wrinkles but also age spots, texture and luminosity.

    This lightweight serum can be used on any skin at any age. The advanced formula is packed full of natural superfood ingredients that are highly effective with delivering skin protection, boosting luminosity and improving wrinkle depth, texture and and tone.

    Suitable for: Any skin type, any age.

    Key Ingredients:

    Sacha Inchi Peptides - A Peruvian superfood that helped the Incas live to over 100 years old. Natural Inchi Peptides have been clinically proven to improve facial firmness, reduce wrinkle volume and smooth the skin.

    Cacay Oil - This oil is packed full of Bio Retinol and Linoleic Acid to support the skin barrier and lock in moisture.

    Packaged in glass. 30ml.