NUI Cosmetics - Natural Pressed Bronzer

NUI Cosmetics

  • 100% Natural, 75% Organic, Plastic-Free Packaging.

    For sun-kissed, radiant skin, and that '2 weeks in the Bahamas' tan. This lightweight, creamy powder bronzer is packed full of natural, organic ingredients to care for the skin during the day. No more pore clogging, breakout inducing ingredients. With a base of Rice Powder, this bronzer is buildable and can be applied in a light dusting for a subtle effect, or built up for full blown golden goddess tanned skin.

    Key Ingredients:

    Oregano and Thyme - Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory for the skin.

    Grape Seed Oil - Has a soothing and moisturising effect, non pore clogging, perfect for acne prone skin.

    A note on the packaging:
    For NUI no related cardboard packaging from the Far East comes into question. They produce their packaging in Berlin with certified & ecological material (vegan) from Germany.

    * very high material utilisation through the design
    * heavy metal and acid free
    * from sustainably managed forest stands
    * inlay made of 100% recycled fibers & compostable
    * climate-neutral and EMAS-certified printing with vegan, mineral oil-free and solvent-free BIO printing inks
    * water-based, solvent-free, mineral oil-free and vegan dispersion adhesive
    * Design patent pending


Type: Bronzer